Twenty-six in 2012: Give Up Coffee

I gave up my delicious coffee habit a few months ago.  I started with two months cold turkey, and have recently allowed myself one coffee per month.  This new practice has been creatively deemed The Monthly Coffee, and the rules are simple: the coffee must either be a particularly wonderful coffee, or taken with particularly wonderful people; I have to make my monthly coffee count.

Here is a photo of the latte I had before I went cold turkey.  The last gulp revealed psychedelic bubbles at the bottom, which was appropriate because I liken the affect of a strong latte on my narcoleptic body to a surprise dosing.  This final latte had me reeling within an hour, remembering why the sleep doctor urged me to nix caffeine altogether.  Still, I will miss the aroma and the ritual.  I will miss my beloved Krups at home, and hate to see it gather dust.  The best solution is to enjoy these things by making coffee for the hubby and friends, waiting patiently for that perfect once-a-month journey to the bottom of a coffee cup.

One thought on “Twenty-six in 2012: Give Up Coffee

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